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Jul 23, 2020

In todays episode i speak to Danny Scott the CEO of UK Bitcoin Exchange CoinCorner.

We discus the early days, setting up multiple bitcoin businesses and the trials and tribulations along the way. We discussed banking issues, regulation stifling innovation, mining bitcoin, Dannys contributions to Bitcoin core and much more.

People and projects mentioned during the show.

  • Gleb Naumenko for his work on Erlay which reduces the bandwidth used to announce transactions by 84% immediately and allows the Bitcoin network to achieve higher connectivity for better security.
  • @tlvshop The first 100% pure Lightning shop
  • @maxKeiser who along with stacey Herbert helped me further my understanding of bitcoin and the systems it will replace.
  • Jimmy song for his help breaking the technical details that people like me don’t have the brain power to understand and Danny doesn’t always have time to dig into.


Thank you Danny for coming on the show and also for sending me some new socks from

@MtSocks I will wear with pride.


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Twitter -  @CoinCornerDanny

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