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Jun 30, 2023

Pleb Miner Monthly

Episode 7

Show Notes


Billy Idol and Pleb Miner Mafia member Paul, perform the duet “Hot in Texas Tonight” 


FountainFM Boosts are an important part of the show we read every single one regardless of the amount of sats boosted. Plebs are vital to the show, we thank you for your...

Jun 22, 2023


Two conspiracy theorists one bong. Covid, Climate change, and control.


No show notes. Gutted. 



Show Host: Max


Ungovernable Misfits Socials





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Jun 13, 2023

In todays episode I spoke with SeedSigner (The man), Keith Mukai (Lead Dev) and Nick Klockenga (Lead maintainer) about the recent updates to the Seed signer project.


Before we dive into it lets remind ourselves what the seed signer project is and why its so important.


What is SeedSigner?


SeedSigner offers anyone...

Jun 1, 2023

In this episode QNA tells me I'm perfect exactly how I am, Antomous goes offline to trade shitcoins mid show and we reminisce about Tone Vays world class hair and trading strategies. Don’t worry we also dive deep into the weird and wonderful world of bitcoin, open source and freedom tech. We started with updates...