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Mar 31, 2023



ACTION NEWS UPDATE!!! Your source for news on the Bitcoin mining scene. We go beyond mining stats to give you the skinny, the scoop, the low-down, the info you need to know. Release Mining Development Toolkit

Shitcoiner Attempts to FUD Mining and the Selling of Mining Equipment

Mar 27, 2023

A Bitcoin mining podcast focused on the Pleb Miner, the stalwart that defends the Bitcoin Network. Listen and Boost the show on Fountain App 


Statistics by Lincoin Pool and Lincoin Lens


Statistics has been brought to you by Lincoin MINING! That’s right I said Lincoin Mining. Licoin has changed their...

Mar 23, 2023

In this episode we discus BlueWallet Shutting Down Custodial Lightning Wallet on April 30th and the need to Remove Funds ASAP. We talk about Seed signers new software release v0.6.0: and SeedSigner OS using a Custom Linux Operating System. Stack Wallet is the first Wallet to Support BIP47 on iOS and QNA doubles down...

Mar 16, 2023

Bitesize Bitcoin

Mining Transactions



Early Bitcoin adopter Mike Hearn writes to Satoshi on April 12, 2009 “Hi Satoshi, I read your paper on Bitcoin with great interest. I found it a bit confusing though – I believe it may be easier to follow if you provide some examples. Specifically, it’s not quite clear to...

Mar 9, 2023

Ancient technology, UFOs and psyops with Zach Herbert.

Todays guest is Zach Herbert the CEO of Foundation devices 

This show is a little different and not really bitcoin related but I really think you are going to enjoy it anyway. 

After messaging each other back and fourth about...