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Sep 30, 2023

Pleb Miner in the Wild

Travis Bitckle


Listen you fuckers, you screw heads, here is a man who would not take it anymore. A man who stood up against the central bankers, the cunts, the dogs of war, the filth that is the global elite, the shit who devalue our currency, and steal the fruits of our labor. Here is someone...

Sep 25, 2023

In this episode of bitcoin monthly we discuss Blockchain spies calling Bitcoin Core Contributor “Unqualified” and much more. 


Baltic Honey Badger Recap



Huge fee incident



Sep 19, 2023

Pleb Miner Monthly 

Episode 10

Show Notes


1 year of doing Pleb Miner Content on BitBuyBit. 


We are honored to be able to provide Pleb Miner content and are doubly honored to be able to interact with all of you on Telegram, Twitter and Fountain


Thank You for all the contributions of content,...

Sep 12, 2023

Troy Cross and Bitcoin Bassload

Treble + Bass = Energy Grid Harmony


In this electrifying episode of BitBuyBit, Max and Jon speak with energy market expert and Pleb Miner Mafia Capo, Bitcoin Bassload as well as Philosopher and Bitcoin enthusiast Troy Cross from the Bitcoin Policy Institute.


The relationship between...

Sep 7, 2023


I had a conversation with Matt Rose - Head of marketing for Foundation devices 

about his entry into the bitcoin space after a career in traditional fiat marketing. Matt made the move to the bitcoin world after experiencing how fake the large corporations were and he explains in this episode how much ideas get watered...