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Jul 30, 2021


Hashmoney wants to grow some Bitcoin.

It sounds fucking cool.

We discuss it. 



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Jul 27, 2021

Craig Raw lives in the real world. Instead of going to bed each night thinking about whether he left a spoon in the fork drawer like many in the terminally fragile West might do nowadays, Craig thinks about how well he, his friends and his neighbours have protected themselves and their Bitcoin stashes from a...

Jul 23, 2021

I caught up with Nico from simply bitcoin solo this time. We discussed bitcoin attack vectors and where we go if the authoritarian nightmare continues. We also talked about bitcoin mining and why we win. 

If you are not already following Nico then do it now. 

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Jul 20, 2021

Bitcoin Monthly Update with Openoms

This episode marks the sixth of a new monthly series where QnA and I have a discussion about the last month in Bitcoin, QNA is in for a service so Openoms kindly took his place. We based our conversation which acts as an index for those that want to stay up to date...

Jul 18, 2021


Pavel Ševčík is working on making Ronindojo interface as slick and user friendly as possible. Ronindojo is the best non lightning node package in the world and thanks to Pavel and the team its becoming usable even for useless fucks like me.

 use the tools and win the war. 



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