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Jun 30, 2023

Pleb Miner Monthly

Episode 7

Show Notes


Billy Idol and Pleb Miner Mafia member Paul, perform the duet “Hot in Texas Tonight” 


FountainFM Boosts are an important part of the show we read every single one regardless of the amount of sats boosted. Plebs are vital to the show, we thank you for your support.


Statistics are brought to you by Lincoin Mining and their suite of products.

Global hash rate is 368EH/s, Difficulty 50.56T a recent - 3.26% adjustment TX/Block Reward have been as high as 10.85% and as low as 3.39% in the month of June.


BOTY joke

A skeleton walks into a bar and says to the bartender, I will have one beer and a mop.


Bitesize Bitcoin is brought to you by FixRigs

In this installment of Bitesize Bitcoin we cover an academic paper written by Norsk Bitcoin @BitcoinNytt, titled Harnessing Bitcoin ASICS for Home Heating, Turning Household Heating into income. In the paper Norsk Bitcoin examines how the electricity bills for households can be affected by heating their homes using Bitcoin mining servers as opposed to resistive heaters the study examines ASIC earnings electricity prices and energy consumption from January 2018 to December 2021. Will soon be posted on Ungovernable Misfits.


ACTION NEWS! is sponsored by Peach Bitcoin. Peach Bitcoin needs sellers! They have many open buy offers in their order books. Miners if you need to sell Bitcoin, why not sell to an actual Bitcoin pleb. use promo code “plebminer”. If you need help using Peach, visit their Telegram


Bob Burnett provides an analysis of Bitcoin global hash rate. Contributors to global hash rate capital influx price of Bitcoin replacement of old machines


Texas weather is affecting Bitcoin hash rate with waves of scorching heat and record-breaking power load demand riot and Argo have curtailed power during peak demand hours.


ndgoHODL provides his advice on spotting aluminum hash boards.


Nico Smid’s sub stack covers the Blockstream miner due to release third quarter of 2024.


ePICBLOCKCHAIN has released its spec sheet for its model 520 I minor Hash rate 112TH/ S with an efficiency of 33 joules per Terra hash prices to range In the $16 per Terra hash range.


Bitcoin Bassload provides his view on why electricity generators may not prefer a “pancake style” load shape, typical of Bitcoin miners.

SUNSPOTS solar cycle 25 began April 2019 and is projected to reach its peak around 2025 recent observations indicate that solar activity is ramping up prepare your mines IT and telecom infrastructure accordingly.


Pleb Miner in the WIld is sponsored by the Lake Satoshi Bitcoin BBQ Camp Out in Laingsburg, MI. August 12th - 13th


A special thanks to KaboomracksAlex and Otto at Nakamoto Mining for their S19 and fan shroud giveaway that will be presented at the Lake Satoshi Retreat.


This month's Pleb Miner in the Wild is Chet

Chet is an integral part of Pleb Miner Month. He has become like a brother to me over time. I have grown to really appreciate him as a miner and as a friend. Chet is now manager of a hydro mine in Kentucky


Bitcoin Policy UK is attempting to get S9s shipped over to the UK to demonstrate the alternative uses and benefits of Bitcoin mining. Help them Hash the Torch by visiting their Geyser fund.