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Jan 29, 2022

In todays episode I speak to @Chief_Bitcoin about UFO sightings, mass formation psychosis, hypnotism, reincarnation and much more. This was an incredible conversation despite technical issues and I will definitely be inviting Chief on the show again. 

I really hope you enjoy the show.

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Jan 26, 2022

In todays episode I speak to lili about home mining and how to go from zero to NOKYC Sat stacking hero.

We cover all you need from acquiring your miner to securing your precious sats. All details and links are bellow.


  • Pitch for bitcoin mining at home (why do it?)
    • Cost to mine vs buying spot 
    • Mining bitcoin...

Jan 20, 2022

In this episode I speak to Self Bankt about freedom and he will not comply.

Since recording this episode SB has written a brilliant article linked bellow and I can think of no better introduction than teasing the first paragraph.

I'm a UK born, educated and trained Consultant Anaesthetist. I love my work, my colleagues...

Jan 15, 2022


In this episode I speak to Zelko about what has happened since we last spoke in the privacy world and get an update on the new features coming to RoninDojo. We also discuss the new plug and play node that looks epic. 

I really enjoyed recording this and I hope you enjoy listening.

Twitter - @BTCxZelko


Jan 8, 2022

This episode marks the 7th of a new monthly series with the aim of exploring with other Bitcoiners the skills needed to be self sovereign. In this episode we review the last 7 months and all of incredible Meshtadel members we have met and learned from. 

Since recording individual episodes with @soulexporter and...