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Nov 27, 2022

What did we miss? NLD bug, FULLRBF, FTX, anyone?

Bitcoin Monthly with BQA and Antomous

Bitcoin monthly 0021
In today’s episode we got back up to speed on all the software updates that were released over the last two months. BlueWallet has now enabled exporting transaction history and labels and we hope the various...

Nov 10, 2022


In todays episode i speak to Urban Hacker about a new way to orange pill future bitcoiners. We also discus privacy, ethics and energy production. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know UH over the last few weeks and I’m very excited to see this project develop. check out the link bellow for information on what...

Nov 1, 2022

Pleb Miner Month Finale

We did it! We managed to present and entire month (ahem, make that 2 months) of mining content focused on the Pleb Miner. Max, Jon, and Sarah took on the task of herding cats in this #PlebMinerMonth finale featuring: @SalGoodHODL, @hashing2heating, @406Bitcoin, @techengineer21, @DCentralTech,...