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Sep 26, 2021




Please check out 

So how would you…

During a well needed holiday and in aspiration to increase critical thinking, two people, father and son (called SoulexBoy and Soulexporter) came up with the Mindadel — a simple mind game starting with...

Sep 16, 2021

Bitcoin Monthly Update with Bitcoin Q+A, Brother Rabbit and Antomous. 


This episode marks the 8th of a new monthly series where we have a discussion about the last month in Bitcoin. We base our conversation on his website which acts as an index for those that want to stay up to date with what...

Sep 12, 2021



One of the things I get most stoked about when I look at the leaderless yet unstoppable growth of Bitcoin is the organic unity of minds that coalesce to bring new and exciting things into our reality.

Unapologetically devoid of any central organising committee, but instead bound by the forcefield of Bitcoin’s core...

Sep 8, 2021

This episode marks the fifth of a new monthly series with the aim of exploring with other Bitcoiners the skills needed to be self sovereign. Each episode we welcome new guests and discus new topics. Going forward we will also try to answer any questions listeners might have, so be sure to keep an eye on next month's...

Sep 5, 2021


I speak to @antomousB about his entry into the bitcoin world and how he started working with our friend BQA. 


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