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Jan 30, 2023

Pleb Miner In the Wild

Sponsored by Peach Bitcoin

Zack Bomsta


Pleb Miner in the Wild is a 10–15-minute segment intended to feature a Pleb Miner. Question and answer sessions are concise, sharp, and fast paced. This episode’s Pleb Miner in the Wild is Zack Bomsta; an electrical engineer, inventor, entrepreneur,...

Jan 26, 2023

Bitcoin monthly 0023


This month Max, QnA and Antomous discuss Max’s carnivore only diet and QnA’s love affair with carbohydrates. We also cover some Bitcoin topics too!

QnA has got his hands on Gerty, a Bitcoin Assistant from the team at LNBits.

Samourai adds back their long anticipated stealth mode feature.

Jan 22, 2023

Pleb Miner Monthly


Pleb Miner Monthly on BitBuyBit

A Bitcoin mining podcast focused on the Pleb Miner, the stalwart that defends the Bitcoin Network.

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Value 4 Value is built on the premise that content should free and available to...

Jan 17, 2023

Bitesize Bitcoin

Bitcoin Mining Server Components

Emergentism, is the belief that complex systems can exhibit properties or behaviours that are not present in their individual components. Such is the case with a Bitcoin miner. In today’s Bitesize Bitcoin, we will review the components that comprise a common,...

Jan 12, 2023

In todays episode I spoke to Karl a return guest on this show. I first spoke to Karl during pleb miner month with Chet and Jon, I heard about his homestead and how he mines bitcoin with a S9 and uses the heat to keep guests warm in his yurt. Here’s the link to that show -