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Jul 23, 2023


I Jumped on a call with Zelko the Co-founder of RoninDojo, A projected rooted in cypherpunk values and Inspired by FOSS. We talked about the projects and communities that inspire us as well as those that virtue signal and LARP. I always enjoy speaking with Zelko because he says it how it is and doesn’t just talk the talk. RoninDojo walks the walk.


Here’s a brief overview of the project for those of you who are new to it or need reminding.


The RoninDojo project has a strong focus on bitcoin, privacy, and sovereignty. They forked Samourai Wallet's Dojo code and were inspired by the Samourai privacy focused bitcoin wallet and its features, thus became RoninDojo.

The creator of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, stated in the whitepaper that bitcoin is “a purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash that would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.”

Following this ethos, the RoninDojo team mission is to bring the hardware and open source software together that enables the dream of “electronic cash”. We believe in providing a private, secure way for individuals to be their own bank, without trusting third party providers. Anyone should have the ability to use bitcoin privately, just like cash!

The end goal is to be able to easily deploy the hardware and software needed to have a feature rich bitcoin experience, maintain personal privacy, and enable the sovereign individual to thrive.

Who is behind RoninDojo?


RoninDojo is built and maintained by the Samourai Wallet community. Everyone is encouraged to submit issues or changes to improve this free and open source software.

The core maintainers oversee the development of RoninDojo as a whole. 


In short this is a team that provides hope for bitcoiners and inspiration for teams wanting to build real open source tools. I have huge respect for the whole team and I hope you enjoy listening to the show. 


Show Host: Max



Guest  - @BTCxZelko Co-Founder of @RoninDojoNode



Twitter - @RoninDojoNode

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