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Oct 31, 2023

In case you missed our first conversation or want to re listen, heres the link.


Ben Gunn Returns as Atlas Shrugs

Intro Quote: “The Solution to Pollution is Dilution” --Ben Gunn

Show Description

Our friend and fellow pleb, Ben Gunn returns to the show after a testing couple of years in Bitcoin and the wider world, to share what has worked for him, what hasn't, and his thoughts and plans for the future.

This is a fantastic follow-up interview to first episode we did in 2021, which if you haven't heard, you must and is here. In this episode, Max and Ben take a stroll around the park in Amsterdam, Netherlands to catch up on what he's been

up to since we last met on his woodland back in simpler times.

We kick off by reviewing life in the Fiat Mines, and how things are deteriorating in day to day work and relationships. Red tape, higher costs of getting stuff done, how the average person is affected and how it can't continue forever.

We discuss the transformational power of acknowledging negative observations and turning them into positive actions. How there are just some things that we have no ability to influence or control, and that it's okay to switch off the doom vendors and focus on what you can build in reply. Getting fit and staying focussed on what's really important.

We address the problem of when it's the right time to quit and where it's best to relocate in an increasingly uncertain world. The attractiveness of new locations such as El Salvador, and how leaving a broken system behind can fix many things, but not everything, and how it's all part of a much bigger cycle.

The growing relevance of Atlas Shrugged to the world we're seeing around us, and what we can learn from the novel in today's context. We also announce a new project – a series of future shows that will analyse the book from the perspectives of Bitcoiners and as living people in a world of zombies, and help a new reader get to the end!

We finish off talking about the pro's and con's of Bitcoin conferences and podcast business models, the pro's and con's of advertising based income vs Value for Value approach. We talk about the risk shifting behaviour of the dominant podcasts, and the impact on the listener's finances, as well as the overwhelming generosity and support of our own loyal fan base.

Key Takeaways:

The Fiat Mines are getting harder to work in.
Where to focus your attention and turn a negative situation into a positive outcome. Meeting Bitcoiners in real life can be an amazing experience, but you can't trust everyone. Zombies are real and how we should be thinking about that in our real lives.
Atlas Shrugged is a book written for our times, and we all should learn who John Galt is. Risk shifting behaviour in Bitcoin Podcasts and Conferences, and what to do about it.

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Guest: Ben Gunn

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