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May 16, 2023

Ordinal and Inscription shitcoiners hand over millions of sats to miners.


April showers bring May flowers, but over the past few week April showers have brought miners May Transaction fees as a percentage of Block Reward. The pain miners have felt over the past year has temporarily been relieved by inscription and ordinal enthusiasts willing to part with sats to have their girlfriend’s breast size recorded for all eternity on the Bitcoin Blockchain. Bringing to mind a few aphorisms, A fool and his money are soon parted." And "A fool may earn money, but it takes a wise man to keep it." Well ordinal and inscription enjoyers, the Pleb Miners will gladly take your sats.


Explore the Tx fees as a % of block reward, hash value, and hash price yourself on Lincoin Lens, it’s kind of fun, if you’re a complete nerd, like we are. 


BitBuyBit, Pleb Miner Monthly, Pleb Miner Month, ACTION NEWS UPDATE!!!, Bitesize Bitcoin, FUD Buster, Meshtadel, and a number of great articles are all available on Ungovernable Misfits. 


This episode of ACTION NEWS UPDATE!!! Was brought to you by Bitcoin 101 and their 2nd annual Lake Satoshi Bitcoin meetup @ Bitcoin Beach North in Laingsburg, MI. Visit their site under “events” to learn more. Ungovernable Misfits representatives will be there recording the action, giving away Pleb Miner swag, and perhaps an ASIC! Don’t miss out on this Pleb event!