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Dec 18, 2022

Self custody is personal responsibility - Actionable advice with Antomous

I had the pleasure of sitting down with my good friend @antomousB. Antomous is the founder of the Bitcoin self-custody security solutions company He also joins me and QNA for our monthly shows and has been contributing to the open-source space including his work with SeedSigner, SteelQR and SeedMint. 
In this conversation we discuss the importance of self-custody to protect yourself against incompetent and/or fraudulent custodians as well as to uphold the core principals of Bitcoin the network and bitcoin the asset.
Most of this episode is dedicated to actionable advice regarding holding your own keys. Getting your keys off exchanges is the Zero to One moment which does not require a perfect setup. We then cover a detailed seven-step-plan to guide you through the considerations and tradeoffs when deciding on a security setup.
Antomous also recommends running your own node, planning for inheritance, and practicing with Bitcoin testnet.
Lastly, we go through the range of high quality, secure and convenient bitcoin seed security products offered by These include the SeedSigner as an air-gapped signing device in combination with the SteelQR backup plates that secure your seed encoded as a QR-code on 316L stainless steel (also compatible with Blockstream Jade). The SteelQRs can be additionally secured in in the SteelVault. Finally, the SeedMint stamping jig is back in stock which you can use to secure your human readable seed on general-purpose stainless-steel washers. Take personal responsibility, one seed at a time.
As always, I enjoyed speaking to Antomous and would urge anyone with questions to reach out. My DMs are always open.

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As always please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions.
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